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Ending the deadly game with Ender

I recently caught Ender’s Game on HBO GO. I heard a lot of pretty terrible reviews and a lot of fans of the book that were just furious with the poor movie performance. Now, I’m gonna lay the opinion smack … Continue reading

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The Sword of the Rings err… Shannara

I read a lot of back and forth between fans of the Shannara series and those saying it was a Lord of the Rings rip off. Maybe that was a bad place to start my path down reading the first … Continue reading

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A world filled with TANKS

So I’ve been playing a lot of World of Tanks with my video game time lately. I’ve got to say, its a pretty fun game. I heard it best on a youtube video on the BohemianEagle channel, its kind of … Continue reading

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DragonCon 2014, AKA Hell Crowd

So, I’ve been going to DragonCon for a number of years now. I’ve more or less gotten used to the crowds and the lines. It is hard to think about how another must perceive the crowds that hasn’t been there … Continue reading

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Let Bane Lead you to Destruction

I just finished reading the First Darth Bane novel a couple of days before I left for DragonCon. I enjoyed reading about the old Sith and entering another time frame of the Star Wars universe, 1000 years before the Rebellion. … Continue reading

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