Thunderstone Advance: Card Strategies

What am I finding maddening so far? It seems like Thunderstone and not Thunderstone Advance have a lot of online support. I’m SSOO late to this party. Its like I have arrived at an 80’s theme night wearing my Foo Fighters t-shirt and pre-torn jeans with chucks. Oh well. Sometimes we all have to make due with a little less than we actually want.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies that I develop based on my initial look over of cards on the table in the village. When I see a stack of heroes like the Lorigg that provide Light and Gold, strategies change rather drastically. Unless playing against certain monster types that might penalize having more heroes or weak strength heroes, cards like the Lorigg let you skip out on more light source cards and also on picking up a cheap weapon or food just to get the bonus gold in your hand near the beginning of the game.

I’ve found in my last few plays that leveling up Regulars is a big waste of time. Its much better to get rid of them to monsters Aftermath effects or to cards that destroy your cards. The problem with leveling them up is that it costs the same 2 xp as it does to take a classed hero from level 1 to 2. Level 2 heroes tend to be pretty solid, so I find it a much better strategy to take a hero to level 2 rather than getting rid of a Regular that way.

The Lorigg is a good example, though the Advance version is different, the concept remains the same. Getting a card that gives 3 gold on just one card is great for getting those slightly more expensive cards. It could be the difference between getting a Fireball or Creeping Death and all the 6 or less cost cards that tend to be out there. Its also good for later game to buy the higher level heroes when going to the village.

Level 3 and 4 heroes that give VP are great to work toward early. Not only will they let you take on the dungeon more, but also when you buy a level 3 or 4 hero or level up to one, its similar to spending your time dungeon delving, except that hopefully you can buy a useful late game village card after you’ve spotted a weakness in your deck or a strategy that no one adopted.

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