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New Obsessions: Thunderstone Advance

I played Thunderstone at GenCon 2013 as a ticketed event. I was curious what all the hubub was about. I had a good time, but I didn’t find it more amazing than other deck builders. For some reason, when I … Continue reading

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A world filled with TANKS

So I’ve been playing a lot of World of Tanks with my video game time lately. I’ve got to say, its a pretty fun game. I heard it best on a youtube video on the BohemianEagle channel, its kind of … Continue reading

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Descent 2nd Edition, First time experience

After hearing and reading so many reviews, I have been more and more wanting to demo and possibly purchase Descent. My favorite FLGS, Huzzah Hobbies, actually has a store copy for play. So, I convinced a buddy that had played … Continue reading

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Prepping for GenCon: Star Wars LCG Marathon Play

I recently had a friend over to help me with practice playing Star Wars LCG for the upcoming tournament at GenCon. I don’t have a lot of friends that play this game, and since I feel I am pretty good … Continue reading

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An ‘A Test Of Will’ Addiction

So, after finishing my play through of The Hobbit adventures in LOTR LCG with my girlfriend, I have realized I have a serious problem. Both her and I were using decks that had at least a splash of the Spirit … Continue reading

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Playing the Hobbit the traditional way with LOTR LCG

Recently, I had the pleasure and luxury of having a gaming partner (my girlfriend) that has a similar approach to gaming as I do. It was her suggestion, we actually tried our best to create decks of cards that would … Continue reading

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D&D Next, Before, Now, Then, Which is it? I reflect

I recently had the luxury of getting to play the new 5th Edition starter set for D&D. Is it really fair to call it fifth edition? Was it a good time? How’d the game go? How was the basic D&D … Continue reading

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