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Post #100: I have made it this far!

I still feel like I haven’t really posted that much stuff yet. I also worry sometimes that the stuff that I post about is all over the board. I even hold back from posting about cooking and restaurants that I’ve … Continue reading

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Writing multiple POV characters for a book

I know, I haven’t posted on my blog much lately. I’ve been busy with putting my thoughts and writing abilities toward working on my next novel. I am very excited about it and I have finally found some new inspiration … Continue reading

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What’s a Memory Worth?

Blood leaks from the numerous fresh holes in my side, a breathless gasp my only relief. I roll to behind the thick piece of concrete that used to be the second story ceiling of an office building. I should know … Continue reading

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Conventions and Selling books

I’ve been setting a goal for myself to start selling my books and other associated items at conventions in the coming years. It didn’t really make sense to set up a booth for just my one novella. I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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My next novel

I started my current novel in progress for NanoWrimo in November.  I didn’t “win” this year with 50,000 words by the end of the month.  I did have about 35,000 words with a general outline of what I wanted to … Continue reading

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Crypto’s Story

The usual daily routine for the past year of my life: awaken when the artificial sun rises, prowl my glass encased prison for several lonely hours, watch food fall from the heavens, devour it, and then be pulled from my … Continue reading

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Fading to Consequence

At one point in his life, he sat in the finest upholstered chairs.  Stacks of paper, waiting for his signature, sat high enough to block his view of the door.  The number of analysts and aids at his beck and … Continue reading

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Fiction, Its on the way

Potential and loyal readers, I am planning on putting some flash fiction and previously non-winning stories from contests on the blog here. I’d definitely love some feedback on what people are really interested in reading these days on the fiction … Continue reading

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The NanoWrimo Experience

Before I get too carried away, let me first introduce you to Nanowrimo.  National Novel Writing Month (or Nanowrimo) takes place in the month of November every year.  It consists of a website at with a number of useful … Continue reading

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