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What’s a Memory Worth?

Blood leaks from the numerous fresh holes in my side, a breathless gasp my only relief. I roll to behind the thick piece of concrete that used to be the second story ceiling of an office building. I should know … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Iron Man Three

I saw Iron Man Three during the week last week in an almost empty theater. I find it shocking as to how much money these movies are taking in, and yet, every time I go to the theater to see … Continue reading

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Oblivion: The Movie Review

I got the chance to see Oblivion (starring Tom Cruise) last Sunday evening. I’m giving the movie two dry and withered thumbs up. There were a couple of very nice twists in the movie, but what really brought me into … Continue reading

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Crypto’s Story

The usual daily routine for the past year of my life: awaken when the artificial sun rises, prowl my glass encased prison for several lonely hours, watch food fall from the heavens, devour it, and then be pulled from my … Continue reading

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