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Working with Decals: 40k Edition

So, I’ve finally gathered the courage into diving into using Decals. My space marines have been waiting for decals before getting their final sealant coating for quite some time. Before proceeding with using my brand new airbrush, I wanted to … Continue reading

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40k Battle Report: Orks vs. Dark Angels and Imperial Guard

My most recent match of 40k was a 1500 point romp between my orks against a combined force of Dark Angels and Imperial Guard. My force consisted of some shoota trukk boys, two mobs of full strength ‘ard boys, a … Continue reading

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40k Battle report: Tau vs. Space Wolves

I met up with my good friend Casey’s wife, Ashley for a throw down against an army that I have literally never played against. This was probably my 3rd battle using Tau since the new codex. I got the setup … Continue reading

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