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Orleans Review with Meeple Source upgrade

Orleans itself This weekend was my first time playing Orleans as a 2 player game. We got started sort of slowly, but we still managed to squeak a game out in just over an hour. This game is really satisfying … Continue reading

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Final Review: Don’t Turn Your Back

I got to throw down with a friend in Don’t Turn Your Back, by Evil Hat Productions. Its on kickstarter for just a couple more days, so if the sound of this game intrigues you, better go check it out … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Don’t Turn Your Back

I’d like to start with initial impressions of Don’t Turn Your Back, currently on kickstarter from Evil Hat Productions. Then, in a later post, I’d like to go with my review after some more game play. When I watched the … Continue reading

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Nanobots battle in a tiny little arena

I recently got the opportunity to try out Nanobot Battle Arena from Derpy Games. I like the sound of a theme that is a future where battles with Nanobots are a regular occurrence. It invokes my imagination to see a … Continue reading

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Furious about Fury?

I saw Fury last night in theaters. I almost didn’t make it due to some friends cancelling plans. Fortunately, another friend didn’t get the memo and showed up at the theater. So… I rushed out to join him instead of … Continue reading

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Ending the deadly game with Ender

I recently caught Ender’s Game on HBO GO. I heard a lot of pretty terrible reviews and a lot of fans of the book that were just furious with the poor movie performance. Now, I’m gonna lay the opinion smack … Continue reading

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The Sword of the Rings err… Shannara

I read a lot of back and forth between fans of the Shannara series and those saying it was a Lord of the Rings rip off. Maybe that was a bad place to start my path down reading the first … Continue reading

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