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Cooking with what you got

A couple weeks ago, I was thinking that I needed to go grocery shopping, yet I still had a bunch of food sitting around getting old. So, I pulled out all the food that was getting old and started to … Continue reading

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This Week in LARP nerdom

I failed at my mission. I brought my camera into the danger zone of the woods with no case (since I ripped and broke mine). I took Zero pictures! Arrrgghhh! I had a pretty good time. I continue to wrack … Continue reading

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Reflections on running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by FFG

Roleplaying in my standard gaming group has been very experimental for a few months or maybe even a year now. Some of this is probably a push from me (who usually runs the games) to do something new and different. … Continue reading

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What ever happened to Goth Prom

I have remembered so many fond experiences from so many countless years of Goth Prom. This year, I managed to actually convince three of my co-workers to go along with me. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, they were … Continue reading

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40k Battle Report: Tau and Imperial Guard vs. Orks

I recently got a couple of friends over to my house in Alexandria, VA for a throw down of Orky proportions. My buddy was unable to get a hold of his Eldar models so he got to play the green … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rogue Spartan by Matt James

A tale of a nerdy hacker that gets the guts and support to try and save the world. I can identify with a nerdy computer whiz that also seems to have a natural ability to make friends and get into … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Star Trek, Into Darkness

Again, let me just say in a concise statement, the 3d elements of the movie were not noteworthy, as usual. Its just a way to make people pay more to see a movie. When I first walked out of the … Continue reading

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